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on Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:35 pm
It is impossible to record invalid information - each block in the Blockchain information contained in the previous blocks. It turns out that the correct data cannot be changed or deleted
The choice of real estate will be available on the platform. Blockchain makes the financial activities of the developer completely transparent to real estate buyers
The reliability of the seller is easy to assess before investing money. Through the Blockchain, you can track how the developer uses the money, where he spends the money, what transactions he makes with contractors and partners. Any violations will immediately appear.
Blockchain Technology reduces the risk of fraud to zero and also gives investors a lot of advantages. For example, making transactions without intermediaries, which reduces costs, as well as short terms of transfer of ownership - technology allows you to make entries in the register of real estate for several hours, not days
The platform will be the first block-building providing investors the opportunity to track information about the developer and make transactions with real estate online. Information will be available on the portal, allowing you to make sure of the progress of construction

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