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White Crypto City - largest project in Cyprus

on Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:41 pm
White Crypto City in Cyprus


White Crypto City is a decentralized city in Cyprus, based on Blockchain technology and smart contracts. Transparency and decentralization are the basis of this Megaproject. White Crypto City will have its own internal cryptocurrency - Whitecoin (WTC), which will be in the circulation of the city. White Crypto City - an investment project, is planned to be built on an area of 1.8 million m2, located 15 minutes from Limassol. The project will consist of 700 000 m2 of residential and commercial real estate.

The company created the AGIA IT Real Estate Platform based on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts


Our goal is to implement a real estate platform based on Blockchain technology and attract investment in the construction of a decentralized White Crypto City in Cyprus
Eliminate intermediaries, increase transparency and liquidity, reduce barriers to entry into real estate investments It is also planned to use the adapted system Smart House.

Investment projects - residential and commercial buildings equipped with the "White Smart System"

"White Smart System" recording and informs all investors about the construction of the next real estate object in an open network in real time with a daily update


Get income from the sale of real estate
Have access to information about projects under construction
Have the opportunity to become the owner of real estate in a decentralized city

The possibility of investing at any stage of construction

Get real estate information in real time
To receive income from the lease of commercial and residential real estate
Monitoring of construction and quality control of buildings White Crypto City is an investment project that is planned to be built on a 1.8 million m2 land (owned by the company) located 15 minutes from Limassol

The project consists of 700.000 m2 of residential and commercial real estate.

AGIA IT real estate platform is based on blocking technology and smart contracts

Audio and video systems are integrated into the common system of White Smart Systems
The audio system remembers and plays voice memos, can voice your actions and can also send you information of interest
The video system monitors the external environment
Both audio and video systems interact with the date base of the project and with all social networks registered under the project White Crypto City
Сompany will hold most of the issued White coins and contribute its funds to credit local merchants and business through local bank system with a very small interest rate.
So as White city's fund will negotiate conditions on lending and loans, every business based in White CRYPTO Сity will have access to very cheap credits with any term.
So as 53% of Whitecoin’s will be based in this fund, it will be used to stimulate local businesses.
Everybody can also deposit the limited amount per person in Euro in one of virtual Whitecity's bank and receive the same amount in Whitecoin (daily, weekly, monthly currency swaps) according to the exchange rates. In order to make Whitecoin's payments rapid and fee-free, we plan to benefit using Framework.
Plasma is a framework for blockchain with native ERC20 Tokens support and scalable to process a significant amount of transactions per second (potentially billions).
The scheme issue based on similar design features to Lightening Network in Bitcoin ecosystem.
This solution enforces original safety and reliability of Smart Contacts upon the underlying blockchain.

White Сity use its own virtual currency scheme with bi-directional flows via EURO, in which Whitecoin can be bought and sold according to (floating) exchange rates.
Whitecoin’s initial circulation supply is limited to Land certificates supply and Real Estate certificates supply with the proportion:1 newly issued Land or Real Estate certificate add 1000 White coins to circulation.

WHITE CRYPTO CITY officially has its own monetary unit - White coin, which will be in circulation in the city and be able to be quoted on exchanges.
The first White city in the world based on smart contracts and blockchain technology.
Total at least 1.8 million sq.m. of land and 700 000 sq.m. residential and business property.
Most up to date technology. Most modern WHITE CRYPTO CITY Marine yacht club with diving club and a large seawater​ aquarium in which marine animals are kept for study and public exhibit

Information about the distribution of certificates, Whitecoin supply is based on.
Cyprus is back on a growth track and has been ranked as one of the fastest growing EU economies.
The country exceeded international expectations by turning its economy around in just three years following a devastating financial crisis.
But far from resting on its laurels, the island is determined to maintain a steady pace in boosting efficiency and investor confidence.
Cyprus has shown remarkable resilience following the financial crisis of 2013 and has implemented tough austerity measures to restructure and diversify its economy.
The country surpassed all expectations exiting recession in 2015 – a year earlier than first projected – and continuing to grow in 2016.
Despite a challenging period for one of the smallest EU member states, the economic adjustment remained on track and progress has been made in all key objectives
set out by the country’s international lenders, allowing Cyprus to reclaim its status as a self-determining and thriving economy.

From 2015, investment growth turned positive in Cyprus,
driven by new ship registrations and an upturn in housing investment in 2016.
More than half of Cyprus’ trade in goods is done with the European Union.
After a large rise of more than 20% in 2015, exports declined from a high base by 0.9% in 2016.
Cyprus main export partners for goods are Greece and the United Kingdom,
while Israel has recently started to vie with other countries for third place.
The main domestic export commodities are pharmaceutical products, raw and manufactured food products, and scrap products.
The three leading import partners are Greece, the United Kingdom, ​and Italy.
The island mainly imports hydrocarbons, machinery, chemicals, vehicles, and iron and steel.
As a small open economy that is currently dependent on energy imports, Cyprus trade balance is traditionally in deficit,
while its services balance is normally in surplus.
After a recession-driven divestment in 2013-14, foreign direct investment (FDI)
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