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Guest: Person who has not yet accepted the Program's General Terms and Conditions.
Member: A guest who has accepted the Program's General Terms and Conditions.
Prestige Point (s): It represents a unit of value that corresponds to a monetary expense by the Member at a hotel or participating properties in the program.
Point Scale: Monetary value of a Point.
Reclaims of Prestige Point(s): Credit following a claim by the Member or an error on the part of the Program.
Status: Membership level that defines a specific rate for earning Points as well as advantages received at the hotel. The status depends on the frequency of stay (or the monetary amounts spent at AGIA HOTEL RESORT by the Member during a given period of time.
One Calendar Year: 12 months period of membership

Transaction: The act of crediting or debiting points from a Member's account.

AGIA HOTEL RESORT Prestige Club: guest recognition program designed to offer exclusive benefits when transacting within any of the AGIA HOTEL RESORT.

AGIA HOTEL RESORT Participating Properties: These are properties that are owned and Managed by AGIA HOTEL RESORT

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